Imagine not being able to use your own name ever again!!!

Don’t think it can’t happen to you…
It happened to me!

All women have the right to be safe online! Let me help you take control and gain confidence with cybersecurity tools and habits. Armed with online safety knowledge, skills and support (when needed), you CAN stay safe.

For female entrepreneurs, small business owners or women using online dating and networking sites, being aware is your first step to securing your safety & identity.

HOW CyberSafe ARE YOU?

Free online cyber Risk Assessment

Receive tailored insights to strengthen your online safety It’s instant & Free.

A CyberSafe Checkup puts you in control and helps you gain confidence in the security of all your online endeavours. It’s a simple tool to empower you to become better aware of your current cybersecurity state. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. Right? This is your first step to achieving your goal of protecting what matters most.

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The online world should be open and safe for everyone to use. Sadly it isn’t, everyone is at risk but fear, confusion, overwhelm, & powerlessness don’t have to be a part of your story…

I'm Becky

I am a surviving ‘tribute’ in the online real-life version of ‘The Hunger Games’. In late 2013, after years of living my life out-loud online and being well-known for my best selling book, popular blog, entrepreneurial projects, tv & media appearances, I was brutally attacked online by a  stalker/cyberbully. He attacked me on all fronts. It was truly a frightening experience.

To make matters worse, after he listed my details on a Turkish hacking site I ended up with 100’s of cyberbullys after me. I had very little support and protection available from local law enforcement, Facebook, my email server and the various online services they were using, to stop their attacks on me

Now I am back as the Cyber Self-Defence Coach and Cyber-Violence Against Women Activist. I am armed and I am fueled by a mission to empower and educate enterprising women to take control of their online security and psychological safety

If you landed on this page, chances are you’re looking to transform
your cyber story from a thriller into a feel good adventure.

How can I help?

Assessing Your Risk

Straight forward cyber security

Do you know the amount of risk you could be exposed to just by not paying attention? A CyberSafe CheckUp will give you a view of your cyber risk in minutes so you can spend as much or as little time, as you like, working on the security of your life online.


Expert Support

Regain control

Gain confidence in the security of every aspect of your online activities. Following my simple, plain-language steps is the simplest way to quickly build cybersecurity into your digital footprint and/or online business. 

A Customised Experience

Your tailored cyber self-defence experience

See your online activities in a whole new way and access a completely tailored experience designed to help you take the right steps. Together, we’ll identify gaps in your security & the biggest threats to you personally and to your online business.


Quick answers

The right Solutions at the right time

Instead of wasting your valuable time looking for solutions, I bring everything to you. Whether it’s proven security products, support through a cyberbullying sh*tstorm,  or cybersecurity training, everything you need is right at your fingertips when you need it. 

Tailored Answers

Achieve your specific Cyber Security goals

Cyber Self-Defence coaching  is designed to prioritise the things relevant to you. I focus only on the technologies you use, taking into consideration the steps you’ve already done to ensure you’re always working on the most important things. 

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Work With Me

Cyber Self-Defence V.I.P Day

Book a 1:1 CyberSafe ‘Doing’ Day with me. You’ll have my attention for 3-6 hours through the voxer — a free, walkie-talkie app accessible on both your phone or desktop — allowing us to exchange voice, video and text messages,  while we work on making you more secure. From your at-home computer/s, network & devices to your online presence or online dating aspirations, I will hold your hand right through it.  Prices start from $497.


"Amazing and incredibly useful content, I've learnt so much"

I’ve found Becky to be an invaluable resource.  She is honest, enthusiastic, and provides a lot of practical information. She is very generous in the detail she shares about her experiences and expertise in cybersecurity, social media, and storytelling. I learnt so much. – FIONA SUMMERFIELD 

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