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Secure your success story, and build the cyber security of your online presence or small business. Without the tech speak whenever you have a couple of minutes free. Confidence, peace of mind, and a worry-free online experience begin here. 

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photo of cyber self defence coach becky duncan sitting infront of large window with computer and other devices sitting next to he
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HOW CyberSafe ARE YOU?

Free online cyber Safety Assessment

How at risk are you For A Cyber Attack

Sitting at the home office, deep in google search overload, it’s hard to know what the next move is. You’ve learned about yet another boss babe losing their social media accounts, client data and hard-earned money to hackers. Even your friend’s mother lost her life savings to a phishing scam. Don’t put it off any longer, take the cyber self defence checkup – the key to securing your digital well-being and financial security. 

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The online world should be open and safe for everyone to use. Sadly it isn’t, everyone is at risk but fear, confusion, overwhelm, & powerlessness don’t have to be a part of your story…

I'm Becky

I am a survivor of the online real-life version of ‘The Hunger Games.’ It all started in late 2013. I was living my life out-loud online, sharing my thoughts, ideas, successes, and failures with the world. As a bestselling author, blogger, and media personality, I thought I had everything under control. But that all changed when a stalker/cyberbully started attacking me on all fronts.

At first, it felt like a minor inconvenience – a few unwanted emails here and there, some unsavory comments on my social media accounts. But then it escalated – my photos were hacked, my private information leaked, and I received death threats. I felt like I was being hunted, with this person waiting for me around every corner of the internet.

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To make matters worse, after he listed my details on a hacking site, hundreds of cyberbullies came after me. They attacked me on all fronts, and I felt like I had very little support or protection available. It was a truly harrowing experience – one that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Now I am back as the Cyber Self Defence Coach and a Cyber-Violence Against Women Activist. I am armed and I am fuelled by a mission to empower and educate enterprising women to take control of their online security and psychological safety and protect what matters to them most online. 

If you landed on this page, chances are you’re looking to transform
your cyber story from a thriller into a feel good adventure.

How can I help?

Assessing Your Risk

Straight forward cyber security

Do you know the amount of risk you could be exposed to just by not paying attention? A Cyber Safety Checkup will give you a view of your cyber risk in minutes so you can spend as much or as little time, as you like, working on the security of your life online.

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Woman Frustrated face palming in front of computer screen | where to start with cyber security & cyber safety strategies

Expert Support

Regain control

Whether you’re responsible for the security of a small team, a growing startup or just trying your hardest to stay on top of things yourself, I can help you keep up with today’s threats so that your brand will continue to grow tomorrow.

A Customised Experience

Your tailored cyber self defence experience

Together, we’ll identify gaps in your cyber security and understand exactly what steps you can take to address your biggest threats. Following my simple, plain-language steps is the simplest way to quickly build cyber security into your digital footprint and/or online business. 

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Quick answers

The right Solutions at the right time

Instead of wasting your valuable time looking for solutions, I bring everything to you. Now you can strengthen your cyber security in less than 5 minutes (at a time) with practices, behaviours and technical solutions that matter.

Tailored Answers

Achieve your specific digital well-being goals

Cyber Self Defence coaching is designed in bite-size chunks to prioritise the things relevant to you. I focus only on the technologies you use, taking into consideration the steps you’ve already done to ensure you’re always working on the most important things.

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Becky Duncan | Cyber Security & Cyber Safety Expert | OnAir with attendees in live webinar

Work With Me

Cyber Safety V.I.P Day

Join me for a VIP Cyber Safety ‘Doing’ Day workshop! With personalized attention, I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of securing your at-home computer(s), networks, devices, and overall online persona. Together, with a handful of other like-minded boss babes, we’ll assess potential vulnerabilities and develop strategies to keep you protected, whether you’re working remotely or simply shopping online.

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"Becky truly goes above and beyond to keep you safe and secure!"

As an newbie author who is not tech-savvy, I was anxious and overwhelmed when it came to securing my online presence. But Becky’s expertise made all the difference. She was patient and understanding, answered all my questions without making me feel silly, and helped me implement a comprehensive cyber safety plan to keep my information safe from harm. I now have peace of mind knowing that my work online is secure, all thanks to Becky.

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