3 tactics, in 60 minutes That will keep you safe online.

Sign up for this webinar and you will learn what Hackers, Spammers, Cyber criminals And Identity Thieves Don’t Want You To Know! Protect yourself and what matters most to you today!

UK 7pm (gmt) (15th May)
USA 12pm (pst) (15th May)
NZ 8am (nzt) (16th May)

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Get Cyber Strong, Take Control, And Feel Safer Online!

The Cyber Self-Defence project
with Becky Duncan

The Cyber Self-Defence Project is the jumpstart method making female entrepreneurs, small business owners or women using online dating and networking sites around the world, safer, more secure and stronger in the face of cyber threats. It’s a practical, step-by-step, plain language, webinar that will dramatically improve your online safety.

Don’t be discouraged. It is happening to all of us

Be empowered to defend against the most common cyber threats.

Today, everyone, no matter how rich or influential, faces cyber risks.  Understand that you’re an attractive target for cyber criminals.
If you have money (doesn’t matter how much), data (usernames, passwords, documents, emails, etc.) or a place to work, you’re going to be targeted.
It’s not even personal, as cyber criminals automate most of their attacks.
Don’t ever say “it can’t happen to me.”


the scary facts

Here's The Cold Hard Truth...

For many years people have been thinking that just having a personalised password will protect you online.  Wrong! 

It’s a frightening statistic: In 2020, 700 million people in 21 countries experienced some form of cybercrime.

That’s a lot of people, isn’t it?

To make things worse one in ten women have experienced a form of cyber violence since the age of 15 and we are 27 times more likely to be attacked online then men.

And yet most people completely ignore these statistics. They think there’s no way it could happen to them. But just ask the 700 million people who were affected by cybercrime, and they’ll tell you that it can and does happen. And they’ll also tell you the best thing you can do is be prepared. Security awareness training is NO LONGER optional. 

Don’t worry. I’ve got you.  In just moments you’ll find out how to protect yourself from becoming a statistic like me. 

I almost couldn’t believe what had happened:

Hi. I’m Becky. In late 2013, after years of living my life out-loud online with my best selling book, a popular blog, entrepreneurial projects, and a thriving media presence, I was shocked to discover I had an online stalker.

He sent me sexually and verbally abusive messages threatened me and my family, created pages and profiles in my name, tried to extort money from me and when I wouldn’t comply, listed my website on a master hacker’s site and inciting hundreds of other men to join his sustained attack. 

It was a frightening experience. To make matters worse, I had very little support and protection available from local law enforcement, Facebook, my email server and the various online services they were using, to stop the attacks.

As seen on:

Imagine the Possibility

Kiss powerlessness, anxiety, being silenced & holding back GOOD BYE forever!

You secure your house with locked doors and an alarm. You secure your car with locked doors and an alarm. Maybe you’ve even taken self-defence classes for your personal security. You’re careful with your credit cards, personal documents, and email, but maybe not careful enough. Is the online ‘virtual’ door to your physical life and emotional wellbeing being left wide open?

The last thing you want to do is get 6 months down the track of blood, sweat and tears building your business, relationships or online following only to realise you made some newbie mistakes that made you a target.


Fortunately, there are basic steps you can take to protect yourself and your business against the most common cyber attacks.

Your life after the webinar:

Your Easy Solution

FINALLY, all the pieces of the “cybersecurity puzzle” will come together . . . in an incredible 60 minutes that will be life-changing!

What We will Cover In 60 minutes

The Tactical Cyber Secrets

In these 3 critical modules, I’m going to give you “battle-tested” strategies from the frontlines that will help you cultivate an iron-clad and enjoyable online experience that will make you safer online.

Plus, You'll also get

By registering for this webinar you will receive...

MP3 & MP4 Downloads of the Live Group Call

Post event you will also receive and mp4 download of the full 90min live workshop so that you can refer to your learnings later.

Cyber SaFeTy Plan, and Checklist

Each module will have an easy-to-use checklist. You’ll also receive a Cyber Safety Plan with step-by-step instructions.


To ensure you got the most out of the workshop, you’ll also get an easy to refer to Red Flag ‘Watchlist’ to keep the things to watch out for at the forefront of your mind.

How much is your online security, safety & peace of mind truly worth?

Limited time Early Bird SALE get $20 Off! Discount applied at checkout.


Here’s what my past clients are saying...


I have gotten more understanding out of this 60min session than cybersecurity professionals costing 100x more. Seriously! If you are feeling overwhelmed, you have landed in a place that WILL help you, if you just stick with it. YOU GOT THIS!!!”



There is sooooo much to learn and DO… and though I am challenged at times, Becky held my hand all the way through it and made me feel safe, and empowered to face whatever security threat comes my way.



“I feel so much more confident in all my online activities and the security of my wordpress website.  Becky spelled everything out in a way that was straight forward and no b*s. She really focused in on what I needed to avoid anymore hacking attempts”


The Cyber Self-Defence Project is the simplest way to quickly build cybersecurity habits into your online activities or business.

Here’s what happens when you Register

Enroll in The Cyber Self-Defence Project

Click the Yes, Make my online life secure button below and follow the order form to secure your seat at this critical workshop.

Receive an email with all the details

Shortly after, you will receive an email with all the details regarding how to take part in this event on the day .

attend the online workshop

On the day you will be given the Checklist and Cyber Safety Plan and Red Flag ‘Watchlist’ handouts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The webinar date is the 15th May 2021 in UK/US and the 16th May 2021 in New Zealand

The webinar will start at 7pm UK Time (15th May) & 12pm PDT (15th May), 8am NZT (16th May), and will run for 90 minutes.

Yes! You will receive the video recording of the webinar in mp3 & mp4 format and you can keep all the handouts and checklists.

The Cyber Self-Defence Project webinar is a step-by-step guide in plain language that was designed to prioritise only the things absolutely necessary to your personal cyber security (including your online activities, at-home computer and devices, network and hardware)

NOTE: Once you attend the webinar, you cannot ask for a refund. It is protected under digital streaming copyright laws.  I know YOU wouldn’t be so fraudulent but just in case my competitors are reading this, there’s your warning. We are FULLY vested into this course, just like a college class would be. To purchase and then refund violates digital media copyrights and is against the law.

To keep this critical information on staying safe online accessible and affordable to everyone we have kept the price to attend very low. As such there will be no refunds for this workshop.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Cyber Self-Defence Project. You can email me directly at hello@cyberselfdefencecoach.com to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.