Antivirus is like your digital knight in shining armor, fearlessly fending off menacing viruses that threaten your devices. This valiant software patrols your computer, slaying any malicious invaders attempting to wreak havoc on your digital kingdom. Think of it as a trusty guardian, standing watch over your precious data and ensuring your online adventures remain safe and sound.

Antivirus software (aka anti-malware) first showed up to save our computers from early digital baddies. Fast forward to now, and it’s evolved to tackle modern-day menaces like ransomware, rootkits, trojans, spyware, phishing, and botnets – yikes! But hey, we still call it “antivirus” ’cause it’s got our backs against a whole bunch of threats. So, here’s to our trusty antivirus sidekick, keeping our digital lives safe and sound!

Becky Duncan