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As a catalyst, I help you take the leap from unsure and overwhelmed to excited and confident.  Let’s unleash your mastery, and unlock your limitless potential so you can live the life of your dreams, create more profit, make an huge impact and be the hero in your story today.


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Doubt, overwhelm, confusion & struggle doesn’t have to be a part of your story…

I know how it feels to be depressed and ashamed wondering how I’m going to feed my family. That’s why I created Sisters of Enterprise. My goal is to help you own your unique power, skills, talents, and abilities and break the power of living hand to mouth so that you can live richer, free lives and do more of what you love, impacting all who are around you.

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I can take you from Dream to ‘Done’! I’m not one of those cheerleaders who rah-rahs you to do what you need to do. I show you step-by-step how to start & market your projects. 100% tailored and customised to your specific needs.

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I take you step-by-step through the startup process. It’s what you need to know to get your business idea up and running quickly and profitably. Equipping you with the skills you need to plan, start, and grow your business.

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From writer’s block to “I wrote a book” in 6 months with my comprehensive but simple online training. How often have you been told, “You should write a book”? Follow the same steps I used to hit two Amazon bestseller lists.

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I'm Becky

Hi Sis, my name is Becky, and like many of you, I was a single mum living on poverty line with two toddlers and 40k in debt. In less than 6 years I was debt free, earning a six figure income, and had written an Amazon best selling novel.

As you get to know me you will find i regularly bare all. Sharing stories not only of my learnings in business, book writing and marketing but also the real and raw events that shaped who I am today, such as interracial adoption, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, chronic pain, and I weave within it, how I mindfully run successful businesses so you can learn how to do that too.

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Miracle Month Journal & Sister Circle

Mindset Reset – Overcome the triggers and master your mind in 30 days

It’s time to climb down from the ferris wheel of “going nowhere slowly” and take action on the only thing that will ever make a difference: YOU.
The good news is the instant you give your mindset an upgrade, it will be easy for you to achieve your business goals with passion and confidence. Old limitations will magically melt away, and things that used to feel difficult and impossible will be easy and automatic. Beginning January 4th 2021. 


"Amazing and incredibly useful content, I've learnt so much"

I’ve found Becky to be an invaluable resource.  She is honest, enthusiastic, and provides a lot of practical information. She is very generous in the detail she shares about her experiences and expertise in publishing, social media, and storytelling. I learnt so much. – FIONA SUMMERFIELD