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Stay safe, stay informed, and keep soaring, ladies!

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🔒 We`ve reached the end of our `9 Simple Habits to Keep You Safe Online` series! Remember, as Aristotle wisely said, `Excellence is not an act but a habit.` 🌟 It`s time to take that final step and make excellence your habit by implementing these nine tips consistently. How will you make online safety a habit? Share your #1 takeaway from our series below! 👇 #OnlineSafetyHabits #Cybersecurity ...

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By reporting fishy emails or content, whether it`s a phishing attempt or any other cyber threat, you`re not only protecting yourself, but also helping to keep others safe from harm. Plus, you`ll be aiding those cybersecurity sleuths in identifying patterns and trends, so they can stay one step ahead of those sneaky cyber villains.

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Imagine identity theft as a reckless joyrider who hijacks your credit score and causes financial chaos. Checking your credit rating regularly is like having a credit score bouncer, a vigilant sidekick that keeps an eye out for any suspicious activity and protects you from the villains of identity theft. It`s an essential part of your identity theft insurance policy, helping you detect and prevent further damage. Just like insurance safeguards you from unforeseen risks, monitoring your credit rating acts as a safety net, ensuring your financial security.

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Sharing private information on social media or responding to unknown emails is like hangin` out your delicates for all to see. Cybercriminals can use the information you post on social media against you, so make sure to set your privacy settings to limit who can see your details to just friends and family. Be wary of those sneaky emails/friend requests that may look legit but are tryin` to trick you into revealin` personal or financial information. Before you click or reply, stop and check if you really know who it is from.

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