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YOU have a dream to tell your story, serve people, earn the money you deserve, create your limitless lifestyle and make a real difference in the world. In the fastest, customized route possible, I’m your cyber self-defence coach in showing you how to be paid to be your brilliant self online and be strong and feel safe while doing it.

cyber Self-Defence Coaching

Get Cyber Strong And Feel Safer Online


Do you have a dream to turn your big idea into an online enterprise but stuck at the starting gate, terrified of what you need to do online to make it happen while keeping yourself safe in the process?

What if the anxiety stopped now? Would it be worth it to you to learn new tactics, and to take a chance on creating the possibility that you don’t have to live online with an expectation of vulnerability, or fear any longer?

I want to share with you how I have been able to do just that. My first-hand experience with cyberstalking, cyberbullying, identity fraud, and the end result of living in constant hyper-vigilance, self-protection and fear have given me a unique advantage when it comes to teaching women virtual self-defense tactics to keep them ‘cyber strong’ and safe online.

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"It's so much like a foreign language and Becky put things in simple language for me to understand."

Thank you SOOO much for your help and assistance, getting us set up with our Business Facebook page, and showing us how to expand our business safely. Giving us lots of tips and tools to use. You are amazing!! If anyone needs help in any of the above, then partner up with Becky.


Get Cyber Smart - Protect Yourself, Your Brand & Online Assets

You secure your house with locked doors and an alarm. You secure your car with locked doors and an alarm. Maybe you’ve even taken self-defense classes for your personal security. You’re careful with your credit cards, personal documents, and email, but maybe not careful enough. Is the online ‘virtual’ door to your physical life, your business assets, and finances being left wide open?

Nobody is safe from cybercriminals, daily we hear about some data security breach or identity theft. Your device may not even show any symptoms, but before you know it, your bank account is gone, your good credit is gone, your good name is gone, your assets are gone and your peace is gone.

If you’re ready to take the leap from unsure to prepared, excited and confident and transform yourself into a self-made entrepreneur badass that is ‘virtually’ unstoppable this is the coaching for you.


This lightning fire coaching experience is going to be the most game-changing day for your business and life. It cuts through all the clutter that comes from googling this subject and lays out in a simple and easy to understand way (without the tech jargon) all you need to know in order to protect yourself from a personal cyber attack. ​

In this coaching, I’m going to give you “battle-tested” strategies from frontlines that will help you cultivate an iron-clad online experience. So that you can get back to doing what your love and enjoy it.


"She inspires confidence to use your medium of choice to build your own social media masterpiece."

Becky’s effervescent nature and honesty in her storytelling is very contagious. She inspires confidence to use your medium of choice to build your own social media masterpiece. She’s done the homework, walked the walk, is a perfect teacher to lead you on your own journey.

One-Hour Call

Power Hour - Catalyst Coaching

The absolutely quickest way to dive into your project to see what’s working, what isn’t, and how to fix it. Done via telephone or Skype. You get my total attention for 60min to ask me about anything in my wheelhouse. 1 hour of catalyst coaching with me may save you months of fluffing about and not getting the traction or sales that you need.


"Becky Duncan was an integral part of our IT Marketing & Security team.."

Her dedication to the company and her ability to step-up and do whatever it takes to accomplish a job has always been one of her most valued and valuable talents. From creating websites to researching new tools and technologies and implementing them, to marketing Becky’s skill set and drive is unrivaled.

How one-on-one Mentoring works

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Complete an Personal Stocktake

Who are you, where you come from, what makes you tick, what do you want to achieve:  just a few things I’d like to learn.  Career, education, family, hobbies, strengths and weaknesses. There are no wrong answers! 

Invest in your future

How much energy, time and money are you spending already on feeling stuck, lacking help and getting nowhere? The truth is we make time for what’s important; we spend on money on what we value; and we stop worrying when we start taking action. An investment in yourself is often the catalyst for taking action to shift course and rewrite your life.